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Título: Atributos determinantes na decisão de compra e satisfação dos clientes : um estudo em estabelecimentos que comercializam street food
Autor(es): Loriato, Hannah Nicchio
Palavras-chave: Comportamento do consumidor;Alimentos de rua;Alimentos de rua - Compras;Satisfação do consumidor
Data do documento: 10-Dez-2015
Resumo: The purpose of this study is to identify which attributes are crucial for consumers in making buying decisions in establishments that sell street food. Thereunto, this study was based, in theory, in marketing and consumer behavior, in the buying decision attributes in the purchasing process, incustomer satisfaction, in outside food consumption and street food consumption. It is a study of both qualitative and quantitative nature. In the qualitative phase, an interview was conducted in depth with the representative of PMV, responsible for the administration and regulation of this square and semi-structured interviews with customers. Data was analyzed using content analysis. It was carried out one survey, applying 200 questionnaires, to survey data for quantitative phase . The analysis of this quantitative phase was carried out using Excel and SPSS, with the use of multivariate statistical techniques. The results indicated that the service offered is the construct considered crucial to the customers' buying decision. In addition, this study enables the spread of this research scope in the country and contributes to the entrepreneurs in the street food sector seeking strategies to keep themselves firmly in the market.
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