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Title: Fragmentos do cotidiano da ação gerencial em uma escola da rede municipal de Vitória (ES)
Keywords: Cotidiano;Ação gerencial;Prática social;Gestão escolar;Educação;Daily;Management action, Social practice;School management, Education
Issue Date: 16-May-2011
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: This dissertation intends to rescue the daily as a basic dimension to understand the management practice, based on a study in an Elementary Public School in Vitória (ES). In such way, it aimed to describe the director‟s daily management, highlighting its relationships with other practitioners of the school community - teachers, staff, students, parents, among others. In the field study conducted, it intended to find inspiration in the research in /of/ with the daily as an alternative metodology to try to explore the diversity and the complexity of the culture of the daily citizens. Observations were carried out with regular visits to the site of the research during the period of five months, with records in field diaries. Interviews were also conducted with various actors from the school community (the principal, teachers, students and parents, among others) as well as with representatives of the central agency of education in the city of Vitoria (ES). An analysis was also proceeded from documents produced and circulated in this teaching unit. The narratives that captivate the school routine had pointed to the plurality and ambiguity of management practices, where the director, responsible for organizing the group around common references, is seen at the same time as the "Self" and "Other" in the relations established with other enthusiasts, which characterizes the existence of a hybridity inherent to the management action. As such, the school manager, although an authority vested with power, "the Self", responsible for maintaining an "order" within the institution needs to perform tactical actions (of the "Other ), "to mend the law" in order to make school management feasible in an attempt to minimize the discrepancies between the generalized standards and the peculiarities of the reality. Finally, it is hoped that this research raises dialogue with new studies around the theme of management action of organizations, especially from public schools, suggesting that further research needs to be conducted to worsen the hybrid character of the management practices, with their plurality and ambivalence
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