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Title: Fragmentos das "artes do fazer" gestão : o foco na ação cotidiana de uma gerência da Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Vitória (ES)
Keywords: Gestão como Prática;Ação gerencial;Cotidiano;Gestão Educacional;Management and Social Practices;Everyday Life;Daily Life;Educational Management
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2013
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: This project is based on the principle that studying everyday activities is essential to understand the actions of social subjects, here, practitioners of management. Therefore, we aim to describe the invention of the "arts of making management in the daily of a management SEME from the social practices of its practitioners. Foundation for this study, we work with authors who deal with management, be it a classical view, as Fayol (1970) or more contemporary such as Mintzberg (1986, 2010), besides the praxeological approach of management as a social practice Reed (1997). It is also used as inspiration also authors that depict the daily life and its importance. And in that sense, it becomes relevant Michel de Certeau (2009) which depicts the importance of daily practices. In light of the qualitative research was adopted to conduct the fieldwork method with ethnographic inspiration, and the data produced from the analysis of documents and direct observation for six months. By conducting this study we intend to contribute to organizational studies regarding the management and further instigate greater use of concepts from Certeau (2009) so expensive to studies of everyday life. The results survey show that the organizational routine is marked by complexity and that it is built day after day, and there is no way to ignore the knowledge of each subject, since each of them helps to configure management practices
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