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Title: As redes sociais digitais no cotidiano das pessoas: um estudo sobre a interpretação dos símbolos organizacionais
Authors: Donna, Camila Uliana
Keywords: Redes Sociais Digitais;Simbolismo organizacional;Interacionaismo;Interacionismo;Facebook
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2013
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: The present study aims to understand the relationship among ways of using Facebook by members of the Online Journal XYZ and meaning of organizational symbols. In order to speak out on symbolic interactionism, interpretivism and organizational symbolism were consulted previous studies reported by Blumer (1969), Burrell and Morgan (1979), Morgan, Frost and Pondy (1983), Gioia (1986), Turner (1990), Maines (1977), Mendoza (2002), and Marchiori (2009. Furthermore, the work of Carvalho (2010) was usefull to understand the relationship between social interaction and communication, and studies of Ellison et al (2006), Ellison et al (2007), Boyd and Ellison (2007), Ellison, Steinfield and Lampe (2007), Dwyer et al (2006), Nadkarni and Hofmann (2012), as well as Golder et al (2007) to analyze the uses of Facebook. The qualitative method guided the empirical approach and the data collection was conducted through scientific literature, review of documents, netnography and semistructured interviews. Interview data processing was done through content analysis (Bardin, 2002), the thematic (MINAYO, 1999). After analysis, it was observed that Facebook is a channel of symbolic exchanges among individuals in the organization, however, in this media these exchanges are veiled. There is a shared understanding that facebook is a place of large exposure and therefore, people are afraid of posting personal information on the work or because they believe are being watched. In this context, other online social networks were identified as a vehicle for the exchange of symbolic content
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