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Title: As "artes do fazer" no cotidiano de um novo diretor de uma escola pública de Ensino Básico
Authors: Teixeira, Glenda Mara Arthuso
Keywords: Gestão escolar;Cotidiano;Pratica social;Diretor escolar;School Management;Daily Routines;Social Norms;Headmaster
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2013
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: The following thesis aims to create an understanding of parts of the arts of doing management of the daily routines at a public primary level municipal school, during the early stages of an elected headmaster who had had little or no experience in school management. The thesis is based on research done Raízes a public primary level school belonging to the public school network within the municipality of Vitória in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. This municipality was chosen for having received elected headmasters at the beginning of 2012. The school, Raízes , was chosen for being considered by the municipality as one of the schools where the management was considered the most involved and best developed and for having received a headmaster which until then had not been elected as a school headmaster. With the objective of studying the complexity of the daily routine of new management, a qualitative descriptive methodology was adopted including an ethnographic survey which was used to create new data through direct observation of the first six months or first semester of the new school management. So as to enrich the data provided by the survey further interviews were conducted taking into consideration an in-depth view of daily school routines and issues. Through this process it was clear that the new school manager underwent changes after the initial six months. There are no theories that have constructed the daily routine of a school manager, for even when the routine is properly planned there are certain unpredictable occurrences that appear all the time and may lead to frustration. The following thesis is important in that it presents the complexity involved in the change from being a teacher to being a headmaster. In light of the headmaster studied, Ana, it is clear that the complexities involved in this new management role along with all the specifics involved in school management as a whole in the public school system in Brazil require a (re)construction of continued training and development policies which serve to better prepare a professional new to the management area
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