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Title: Fatores de influência dinâmica processual da Prefeitura Municipal de Vitória
Keywords: Processo;tramitação;estrutura;funcionários;prefeitura
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2008
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Abstract: The following essay has a purpose to identify the factors that affects the dinamic of the administrative processes at the Prefeitura Municipal de Vitória (municipal government of Vitoria). It’s throughout the administrative processes that citizens, companies or even the public sectors of the City Hall address their complains, requests and all variety of solicitation to the municipal public administration, supported on the Petition Rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution which is taking place. To point the factors that have influence on the transition of the processes, documentation research was made to allow the elaboration of an image of the process structure of the PMV (Prefeitura Municipal de Vitória), so therefore it would be possible through a qualitative research of an exploration character, identify the influence aspects wanted. They were brought up to interviews with hand picked public employees, although their speech had been treated with the research methodology of the Content Analyses. The results achieved on the research addresses to the influence factors related to the process structure of PMV, to the available normative system and also to the municipal public employee activity. All these aspects converge so that many times processes have uncertain tracks, coming to a loss for the system control organization that the City Hall structure praises to show through its normalization of administrative processes efforts.
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