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May-2010Acute lead-induced vasoconstriction in the vascular beds of isolated perfused rat tails is endothelium-dependentSilveira, Eduardo Almeida da; Lizardo, Juliana Hott de Fúcio; Souza, L.P.; Stefanon, Ivanita; Vassallo, Dalton Valentimarticleopen access
Dec-2001Adapted Gaussian basis sets for atoms from Li through Xe generated with the generator coordinate Hartree-Fock methodCastro, Eustáquio Vinicius Ribeiro de; Jorge, Francisco Eliasarticleopen access
1999Additional notes on systematic of Neotropical Dissomphalus Ashmead (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae)Azevedo, Celso Oliveiraarticleopen access
Mar-1999Additions to the systematic of the bethylid fauna (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea) from ChileAzevedo, Celso Oliveiraarticleopen access
Oct-2001Ambulatory blood pressure and Doppler echocardiographic indexes of borderline hypertensive men presenting an exaggerated blood pressure response during dynamic exerciseVieira, Fernando Luiz Herkenhoff; Vasquez, Elisardo C. (Elisardo Corral); Mill, José Geraldo; Lima, E. G.articleopen access; open access
Dec-2001An analysis of helium primordial nucleosynthesis with a variable cosmological couplingAlvarenga, Flávio Gimenes; Fabris, Júlio César; Gonçalves, Sergio Vitorino de Borba; Marinho, Josenilson Ádnei Oliveiraarticleopen access
Jul-2007An optical flow-based sensing system for reactive mobile robot navigationCaldeira, Eliete Maria de Oliveira; Schneebeli, Hans Jorg Andreas; Sarcinelli Filho, Márioarticleopen access
2007Basis set convergence in Hartree-Fock calculations of some diatomic molecules containing first and second-row atomsSagrillo, Paulo Sérgio; Jorge, Francisco Elias; Barbieri, Pedro Leite; Fantin, Paulo Arnaldoarticleopen access
Dec-2008Characterization of the types of the Neotropical Pseudisobrachium (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae), with a key to speciesAzevedo, Celso Oliveiraarticleopen access
Mar-2001ClC-5 chloride channel and kidney stones : what is the link?Silva, Ian Victor; Morales, Marcelo Marcos; Lopes, Anibal Gilarticleopen access
Apr-1998Diverse effects of renal denervation on ventricular hypertrophy and blood pressure in DOCA-salt hypertensive ratsCabral, Antonio de Melo; Silva, I. F.; Gardioli, C. R.; Mauad, Helder; Vasquez, Elisardo C. (Elisardo Corral)articleopen access
Aug-1999Effects of mercury on the arterial blood pressure of anesthetized ratsRossoni, Luciana Venturini; Amaral, S. M. C.; Vassallo, P. F.; França, A.; Oliveira, Edilamar Menezes de; Varner, K. J.; Mill, José Geraldo; Vassallo, Dalton Valentimarticleopen access
Apr-1997Effects of ouabain on vascular reactivityVassallo, Dalton Valentim; Songu-Mize, E.; Rossoni, Luciana Venturini; Amaral, S. M. C.articleopen access
Aug-2001Effects of small doses of ouabain on the arterial blood pressure of anesthetized hypertensive and normotensive ratsRossoni, Luciana Venturini; Pinto, Valber Dias; Vassallo, Dalton Valentimarticleopen access
Jul-2009Endogenous angiotensin II modulates nNOS expression in renovascular hypertensionPereira, Thiago de Melo Costa; Balarini, Camille de Moura; Silva, Ian Victor; Vasquez, Elisardo C. (Elisardo Corral); Meyrelles, Silvana dos Santosarticleopen access
4-Nov-2015Essays on life cycle, voluntary disclosure and the cost of capital of brazilian companiesNovaes, Paulo Victor GomesmasterThesisopen access
Mar-2005Eucalyptol, an essential oil, reduces contractile activity in rat cardiac muscleSoares, M. C. M. S.; Damiani, Carlos Estevam Nolf; Moreira, Cleci Menezes; Stefanon, Ivanita; Vassallo, Dalton Valentimarticleopen access
Dec-2005Gravitational waves : a 100-year tool applied to the dark energy problemSoares-Santos, M.; Gonçalves, Sergio Vitorino de Borba; Fabris, Júlio César; Dal Pino, Elisabete Maria de Gouveiaarticleopen access
Nov-2010Impact of commercial fishing on Trindade Island and Martin Vaz Archipelago, Brazil : characteristics, conservation status of the species involved and prospects for preservationPinheiro, Hudson Tercio; Martins, Agnaldo Silva; Gasparini, João Luizarticleopen access
Feb-2009Influence of renal denervation on blood pressure, sodium and water excretion in acute total obstructive apnea in ratsFranquini, Joao Vicente Maggioni; Medeiros, Ana Raquel Santos de; Andrade, Tadeu Uggere de; Araújo, Maria Teresa Martins de; Moyses, Margareth Ribeiro; Abreu, Gláucia Rodrigues de; Vasquez, Elisardo C. (Elisardo Corral); Bissoli, Nazaré Souzaarticleopen access